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2013 New Year's Resolutions

I didn't always bother with new year’s resolutions. I once thought them silly and too much pressure. Now however I know differently with a little psychology trick; if you make goals for yourself long in advance, goals you try hard to not forget, you’ll be far more likely of them happening. Each day you’ll take one small step to make it happen if you know it or not and by the time you know it, you’ll be full steam ahead going a million miles an hour to attain such goals.

When I moved to Philadelphia I had just 3 goals:

  1. Get a fresh start at life.
  2. Gain admission into a top university to finish my education.
  3. Further advance my career and freelance business.

I didn't always remember these goals each day however over time I slowly reprogrammed myself too and from that my dreams became reality, plus the insane amount of hard work I put in.

For 2013 I want to one-up myself with goals I’d never have dreamt of attempting before. This time it’s about self respect, honor and pride. That believing we have limits is a lie. If we really want something, we’ll do anything to make it happen. Not many would be willing to do anything. It takes a lot to say your willing to give up vacations and weekends to work on your goals for the next 2-4 years. However I believe the few years of fun you may have lost will add up to a few decades of pure joy. Its a bet I’m willing to continue for 2013:

  1. Finish and deploy iOS App’s Philly Date Safety or Interpersonal Campus Security with a long term business strategy.
  2. Study abroad and return to a country outside of the U.S. after finishing my education.
  3. Gain more meaningful long lasting friendships and relationships. (friends you call family, not Facebook acquaintances)

It’s a lot to take on while balancing being a full time student of 2 lecture classes and 2 studio classes the first semester of 2013. As well as working an internship, personal freelance and design grant applicant. Here’s to 2013 and the adventures that await.

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