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A Week In Exploration and Expansion of Knowledge

Since as of late February 11th to early February 18 I've taken a setup back from the prototypes to inspect the fetish of select fashion (clothing, accessories and heels) to learn what's trending and what can further be made (new concepts).

While I've been updating my Pinterest boards to reflect this by converting them each into 'mood boards' rather than a parts list, it's also taken me NYC's Penn Station and Times Square, Midtown down Fashion Ave, SoHo, Queens and Flushing over a 48 hour period. While I hit an enormous known and lesser known stores, I also kept a keen look at the fashion on the everyone themselves, given that walkway fashion can widely differ from the everyday reality seen in life.

Additionally I'm building an internal database of websites and the content within I've found useful for anyone that wishes to learn where I've gathered my ideas, parts and help from that I've no doubt will grow quite large over the coming months.

Of most interesting discovery was my venture into a half dozen adult stores and finding the world of sexual health has physical computing and aesthetic to utilitarian down to a science. That not only are so many of these devices extremely small, but extremely well built (material wise). I happened upon a great construct that I would love to base the next generation of Angel Nails off of, the "Hello Touch". While I would replace the excessively large battery for a lipo, the flat wiring and silicone finger holders would be a great place to start with.

And with that week over, work has resumed on Monroe's Heels. Updates on that can be expected by February 25th.

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