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Angel Nails Prototype One Completed

The basic premise for the "Angel Nails", formerly called "Electroluminescent Fingernails" is taken from both an artist I draw inspiration from, Soomi Park, given she's mixed media (new-media) artist and often at times hard to make sense of/know what what exactly we should be making or doing, given our major is ever changing. Her LED Eyelashes are quite impressive out-of-the-box thinking in how to leverage physical computing and fashion/beauty accessories into something new and give a more pleasing user experience.

Additionally Perfume's (JPOP) music video 'Spring of Life' uses electroluminescent fingernails within the video that give ideas on how to combine these two inspirations, into something more interactive and personable. 

Thusly the initial concept was to use cut electroluminescent panels as seen in the above video. However some undesired things where discovered at this time that made me change my approach:

  • Electroluminescent panels consume a huge amount of power, even slimming it down requires a rather large battery that only gives a short period of power.
  • These larger battery also take-away from the atheistic of waring this on your wrist, with wiring leading to the fingernails.
  • EL panels can only do one color as seen in the above video.

As such for the new concept it would have and contain:

  1. A thin wristband that contained an Adafruit Gemma micro-processor
  2. A small lipo of 105mAh rechargeable battery that is detachable
  3. Several thin silicone wires that are water-resistant, a wire splitter
  4. 5 NeoPixels per band aka per hand
  5. The wristband will come in 5 colors to choose from
  6. The micro-processor is detachable for washing the wristband
  7. The NeoPixels are water-resistant and can change color and pattern, unlike the above undesired list.
  8. And lastly, skin to skin contact makes the nails shimmer automatically e.g. touching your fingers to your lovers face

Constructing the wristband and testing it's human factors:

Attaching snaps to wrist band and testing Gemma:

Attaching test wiring and NeoPixel on fingernail: