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Angel Nails Prototype Two Completed

The video seen below is of the initial concept for Prototype Two. The idea was to have two hubs in the center to draw power and ground from but the test showed it to be unreliable so it was abounded and I opted for the train-tracks style then sewing NeoPixels for Data-In, Data-Out, Power, Ground in a U-Turn shape for each finger; as I quickly found out using 2m 30AWG Silicone Cover Stranded-Core Wire far more reliable than conductive thread. The thread if warped, effects the color of the NeoPixels, the silicone core however does not. I would go as far as to say using silicone core in textiles is better than conductive thread, but I know not it's water resistance level. Lastly elastic fasteners where made for each finger however I learnt it was a mess for sorting cables vs heat-shrink rubber tubes and I may 3D print NinjaFlex rings for each finger to make up for removing them.

I also learnt during the construction of this that heat-shrink rubber tubes hates spray paint even if it says it's made for rubber or plastic. An hour of it drying and I found it simply flakes off; likely due to the rubbers flexibility vs a non-flexible plastic chair for example. So the tubes hold the wires that go from the finger-nail to the middle knuckle and are held in place with duct tape; likely to later be painted in white. 

The total wires per NeoPixel is 6: Data-In, Data-Out, Power-In, Power to next NeoPixel, Ground-In, Ground to next NeoPixel. The wires are one per side so as to not have mixed singles and keep the NeoPixel's low profile. The wires are then arranged in a pattern on the back to prevent breakage and hot glue is added to keep them in place. Finally a bit of the rubber tube is added to protect the back. 

The final but incomplete outcome is of the below videos and photos. Seen attaches is a very large lipo but this was simply for testing. The final lipo will remain the micro-sized 105mAh that will be fit under the wrist-band.