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Augmented Reality World Reactive System: The story behind the project

Interface Web Ver.012
Interface Web Ver.012

After keeping many people in the dark about it, working over a month designing it and even devising a working mathematical equation for it to function; I proudly present my Interface Design Final Project: Augmented Reality World Reactive System or ARWR-S for short. This device uses a combination of augmented reality, bidirectional sensors, heads up displays, object tracking cameras, incursion object recognition, adaptive learning algorithms, gps marking, vibration units & smart path-finding to find a solution for those with audio, visual and mental disabilities with an added ability for non-disability users also.

In designing this device I felt it wasn't enough to simply think up the concept as what good is a concept if you can't deliver? As such and while not even required for the project, I devised a 3 part mathematical equation for the device to do what it says it would. This in combination with a rule set and two adaptive learning systems I also devised, the system can fully function without saying "some day" I also give a way in how it could be built so that the user would not need to buy new glasses but simply fit over-top. Added ideas are given such as a conductive charging bottom for cordless battery recharge and an 'instant function, no settings required' system & UI.

I am quite pleased with the end result and fully believe I covered most all issues, questions, needed tools to work and beyond (given the tight time frame & limited budged), even going so far as to building a working prototype; however due to lack of time I was not able to show it in my presentation but do have plans to code this into an iPhone app and perhaps into a working system in the future.

Interface Web Ver.021
Interface Web Ver.021

Please keep in mind as this is a keynote presentation, it is voice driven and without hearing me speak much information cannot be gained by just viewing the slides, I however felt enough was presented in them to present it to the general public.

It is also worth noting I had finished the entire project before Google told the world about their "glasses" thus I gained nothing from them. And while my concept and theirs both share similar ideas, our's are not the same nor made for the same uses thus would not fall under the 'has been done before' category.

Edit: To everyone that said I should patent this idea, to those in class that didn't think it a valid concept and others that simply didn't get it; it seem's some bright individuals down south were thinking of just the same idea. I'm very happy to see it become a reality even if it wasn't I whom brought it to life:

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