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A Brief Look At Wearable Technology Within Fashion Design

It is perhaps difficult at times to track down the origin of wearable computing and/or its integration into fashion designs. One could make the argument that is began when people started hacking raspberry pi's with LED's and glueing them to ones shirt or further back by hacking Asus Eee and changing the location of it's screen on clothing. Jumping forward we equally have the competitors of the MIT's LilyPad and later AdaFruit's Flora, followed by their Gemma. Is conductive thread not equally as applicable as Silicone Cover Stranded-Core Wire in sewing wearables? I would say it is.

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Angel Nails Prototype Two Completed

The video seen below is of the initial concept for Prototype Two. The idea was to have two hubs in the center to draw power and ground from but the test showed it to be unreliable so it was abounded and I opted for the train-tracks style then sewing NeoPixels for Data-In, Data-Out, Power, Ground in a U-Turn shape for each finger; as I quickly found out using 2m 30AWG Silicone Cover Stranded-Core Wire far more reliable than conductive thread. The thread if warped, effects the color of the NeoPixels, the silicone core however does not. I would go as far as to say using silicone core in textiles is better than conductive thread, but I know not it's water resistance level.

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Angel Nails Prototype One Completed

The basic premise for the "Angel Nails", formerly called "Electroluminescent Fingernails" is taken from both an artist I draw inspiration from, Soomi Park, given she's mixed media (new-media) artist and often at times hard to make sense of/know what what exactly we should be making or doing, given our major is ever changing. Her LED Eyelashes are quite impressive out-of-the-box thinking in how to leverage physical computing and fashion/beauty accessories into something new and give a more pleasing user experience.

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Motion Reactive Technological Fashion Art/Design Piece In Local Gallery

A hybrid of my Non-verbal mood scarf that is still a work in progress was recently showcased at the University of the Art's Sculpture Gallery. While the final version may use the Trinket micro-controller and Pulse Sensor Amped, the showcased version ran off an accelerometer to carefully track human factors, a Flora micro-controller and NeoPixels with Conductive Thread.

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