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Christiane Paul, New Media in the White Cube and Beyond - My Thoughts

As an assigned reading for my beginning stages of Interactive Installation (though admittedly I'm no new to this type of work) I found the Christiane Paul reading both conflicting at times but also quite thorough history when looking at new-media's initial conception till the late 2000's. At select passages within the reading, Paul try's to make a wide distinction between traditional artworks (e.g. painting, drawing, sculpting. graphic design) and new-media's differences, though at times suggests they can work in tandem. I find new-media as a method of augmenting traditional artwork to bring a higher level of enjoyment and empathy (user experience) than a stand alone traditional work may bring. Rather than simply a painted wall, why not use EL paneling to illuminate it in the dark or a mobile app such as Instagram, rather than email or snail-mail photos, now you can share instantly; but in both cases the medium hasn't changed, simply the delivery method to the end user, and perhaps slightly altered to better the experience. 

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