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Express, You Disappoint Me

A few weeks ago I went to the Cherry Hill mall in New Jersey (approximately 30min east of Philadelphia) with my girlfriend. We wanted to get out and do something fun for a rainy day; window shopping! Hey, guys like to buy things too. In any-case, we went in the retail store Express to look at its seasonal sales. We later came across this sign:

Now wait a moment. What do you think this sign means? ... Got it? Good.

If you thought it means if you buy one shirt for $10.00 then the next one is free or get 2 for $10.00 each, your wrong. I don't partially consider myself a newbie shopper given I've lived in the US for 30 years but damned if the two of us combined didn't think the above. Even if I only went off this sign as a designer (that I am by trade) I would think the above. How sly of Express to finally correct us after waiting in line for 45 minutes that the above sign means if you buy one for the full price of $45.00, you'll get the next one for $10.00. Why the hell wouldn't you just say that to begin with then? Bait and switch as clear as day here folks. Just one more deceitful practice of clever design to trick the buyer. We however proudly told off the store manger for this before leaving without the shirt(s). Express, you need to get better at user experience.

Brenden Moore