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Rough final concept for Interactive Installation class

Motion reactive lighting with motion tracking and random light generation on movable wall pallets. - This is the basic jist of the idea, however the more in depth breakdown is as follows:

Use the 12th floor MMDI/DAAT wall (1 of 4) for temporary to permanent art installation. Ikea boxes of random size. Use of NeoPixels or 8mm GRGB in each to illuminate lighted colors of each box. Ping sensors or web cams will track user as they walk along, illuminating boxes as they walk past, in-sync to user e.g. boxes near user lit, boxes not near user not lit e.g. motion tracking. Possibility to add velostat on boxes, when pushed, can play midi sound or each box plays a tone as you walk by. Boxes screwed to wooden temp walls, on wheels or tracked system for each change of location. Each "Unit" is is self-contained microprocessor, a dozen plus boxes per unit. Drilled hole behind each box for LED and wiring. microprocessor on back of unit. Ping sensor or webcam at top of each unit.

Possible cost to build:

Projected total per unit = $205 (not including shipping)