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First Quarter Down

Why haven't I blogged in so long? Keep reading:

Military bootcamp would be a great way to describe this summer's quarter. Churning out work ready for the next day's crit, "introduction" classes that where at advanced to expert level teaching (or so hands off you had to teach yourself everything), no class breaks, 3x a week, 3-4hrs each and using all of the weekend for Monday's crit. "Its rough" was my goto word when people asked how its going, to cover up the stress. My vape and I became best of friends during this time.

They where all prerequisite's so I probably could have bypassed Design 1, 2, 3 but you do what your told when it comes to attending the 4th best fashion design program in the U.S. and 14th in the World! And Yonsei University I studied at, their program wasn't even in the top 100. Got accepted into both but as much as I love Seoul, I love my education more.

During this time I had numerous preconceptions shattered. The adult jokes of being the only male in a sea of females isn't quite as nice as one would think. Vicious/talking behind ones back/rumor mills/back stabbing/lost in the bubble; would be a good way to describe what I noticed. Luckily being a male I never experienced, or none that I can recall. It also broke down into 3 groups at varying levels so picking friends wasn't too hard. I also figured out being single was a negative thing because many could think I was hitting on them. I'm happy being single, but seemed I got to reverse that now.

I mastered my object drawing class pumping out some fantastic work (IMO) however for reasons I shouldn't discuss online another felt otherwise. Regardless of the final grade I'm proud of the work I pumped out. 

Going from this:

To this:

And this:

I did learn that despite all the sh*t talk about Drexel being mediocre when it came to art and design; was false. Beyond false. They aren't screwing around here and will kick your @$$ to the curb and chew you out numerous times; to everyone. Its like the military, break you down to build you up, stronger and better than before. And this was just for prerequisite's. As the title says, now the real deal begins and I've no doubt it's going to be some of the most intense hands on learning yet.

Admittedly I bombed out in figure drawing. It's hard getting out of that uncanny valley and to something that moderately looks human enough to work with.

It was a great experience to have nude models of multiple sexes and shapes come to be drawn. Adult jokes aside, its art and you quickly find out its not sexual in the least. Just shapes and tones. I give props to the professor for doing speed runs "warming ups" of 1min or 3min to draw the body before it changed position. Its rough. Drawing the energy (body mass and form) contouring (controlled outlining) and lighting (enhancing direction of body). Hand, foot and head studies where perhaps the most difficult as those where for accuracy where as the warming ups where for base shape and could be more stylistic. 

Learning how bone joints move, how it all fits together, then building the muscle and skin around it. Add your tones and lighting too. Doing it for homework I found that just 1 hand study would talk me between 35 min to 1 hour. Needless to say doing a half dozen in a row is rough. And even at the end of that, most where off; bone structure wrong, "sausage or pretzel fingers" as the professor would say. At the end I'm still not up to standard; I won't blame anyone because the professor went above and beyond for me. I would surmise it takes time to 'see' things differently to be able to draw it and condensing a class into 7 weeks probably didn't help. But again, my fault I hope to fix this quarter. 

On a side note, the graduate per credit cost jumped by 28$ for reasons I wasn't informed of. Like we're not paying enough, Sallie Mae is going to own me for the next several years.

I'll end this with some fancy footwork by one of the Kpop copy groups I've kept an eye on since the beginning that rose to stardom and got a music video!

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