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Goodbye Sugar-Sync

I've been using sugar-sync (SS) since it was in beta some several years ago. When it came out, it blew all the competition out of the water with it's ease of syncing files between computers and instantly backing up your files to the internet the moment you saved, this I loved most of all. Any designer or developer can attest to how often they [command+s] their files, you may as well make an Automator scrip to do it every 30 seconds. This was all before the advent of Dropbox mind you, so lets not compare apples to oranges. And this reason alone is why I've kept it even up till the invention of Dropbox, to this day. It's saved my ass more times than I can count, more than Dropbox, Backblaze and Time Machine.

But something happened in the last year. Since they introduced the new black minimal desktop interface, it's begun to suck more and more. First it was simply the alien interface no one was used too, and thus making us all have to relearn how to use the dumb thing. Why would you change an interface that mimicked a  file-browser (for a file program) to an iPhone app-like UI is beyond me. It certainly wasn't for ease of use as it just buried functions users where used too for years. My best guess is for the newer demographic they hoped to steal from Dropbox, big fail tho as Dropbox is king still. I won't even talk of how badly the end-user website has gotten both script and UI wise.

Next was an endless blunder of slow to patch bugs and updates. I would honestly check monthly for updates and none where to be found but once in a blue moon. Since OSX Mavericks SS consumes an enormous amount of RAM and CPU if it's ever uploading files or more importantly, trying. SS would suck up in excess of +600MB RAM. Yes, yes, I know most Laptops come with 4/8GB RAM but lets be honest, even an FTP or Dropbox doesn't pull shit like this. And SS would freeze all, the, time. Their advise of reinstalling or [Cmd + Shift + R.] is about as helpful as asking me to check my internet connection.

The last straw was how horrible their chat support has become. They likely outsourced it to the same company Dell uses and it shows. Broken promises, taking days or weeks to reply to an email or never checking their internal forums. The email I got today was my final decision to cancel forever.

Let's count the number of absurdities:

  1. I was told on 3 separate times i would be emailed assistance within the day, these where all weeks ago.
  2. They emailed me a copy/pasta on [Cmd + Shift + R.] that I told them didn't help.
  3. They didn't check any of the debug logs I send them.
  4. Total canned response here, I see zero effort made to assist me; I can google SS, don't send me a canned tutorial.
  5. I have 80 hours to respond?? Who the hell says that? So I have 3.333 days to email you back? Why not make it 24 or 72 hours? Also like it's said "those that assume, make an ass out of you and me".