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In My Shoes Version 1.5.0-Alpha Goes Live

Excuse the 4 prior versions I didn't post to my blog. Version 1.5.0 of In My Shoes is now available for download and testing at GitHub. See the below for details:

  ___         __  __         ____  _                     
|_ _|_ __ | \/ |_ _ / ___|| |__ ___ ___ ___
| || '_ \ | |\/| | | | | \___ \| '_ \ / _ \ / _ \/ __|
| || | | | | | | | |_| | ___) | | | | (_) | __/\__ \
|___|_| |_| |_| |_|\__, | |____/|_| |_|\___/ \___||___/
|Version: IMS_v1.5.0-alpha |
|Posted: March 03/30/14 |
|Developed By: Brenden A Moore|
|Contact At: |

// All future change-logs will use ASCII styling + sudo-code for more intuitive information architecture.
// Induction of 'Version Brief' within each change-log to know the primary focal intent of said update to simulation.
// Change-log in order of: Least recent action to Most recent action OF Added/Changed/Removed - per section

|Technical Vocabulary: |
[I/O Event] = A scripted event or object that will cause changes in your M.A.D. Dynamics, their in effecting your interface feedback (e.g.) drink coffee or not drink coffee, take train or take bus.
[MAD Dynamic] = A system that represents your Mood, Anxiety, Depression percentage within the game via the player interface (e.g.) MAD % UP –> Vibrate screen + desaturate screen + increase breathing sound + slow speed.
[Agenda Event] = Actions asked of the player to take, sometimes with a time constraint, their in guiding the player into choke points in-game with an I/O Event. Not to be confused with an [I/O Event] that is the 'result' of said action.

|Version Brief: |
This version of IMS has been developed to bring the inclusion of I/O Events, M.A.D. Dynamics, Agenda Events. These three additions will help solidify the rich learning experience of IMS once they become active in the next version.

|Latest Actions: |
Added building under construction
Added textures to building under construction
Added ladder near construction zone
Added piping to construction zone
Added smartIcons for 'Home' and 'Subway'
Added additional rubble to city
Added breathing sound 1 (of 4)
Added normal-mapped texture to exterior of subway-station
Added box-collider to subway-station rails
Added visible trigger-box to subway-station
Added texture-map to lower portion of subway-station
Added new box-colliders to lower portion of subway-station
Added under construction home
Added crane
Added kitchen
Added new television
Added box-colliders to bathroom
Added alcohol
Added additional texture to boundary-boxes
Added box-collider to home entrance steps
Added five additional generic buildings near construction area
Added one additional road near construction area
Added textures to upper area of subway-station
Added one spotlight to subway-station steps

Changed location of building across from home
Changed building across from home texture
Changed waypoints #1,2,3 of forklift
Changed one door location in home
Changed parking-lot Y-axis to -77.5
Changed construction point-light intensity to 0.3

Removed one door from home
Removed various pre-fabs to boost runtime
Removed various lightings to boost runtime ++ environmental
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