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First-Year Writing II Final Essay

As a continuing tradition of my site I post at least one highlight of each class with it likely being the final project. Still pondering about how to post over ten 5-10 page papers of my Information Concepts 150 class however.. That said for my 5th and I hope last English class we dissected a select few films to wright on with the last being our choice. I chose to do mine on one of my most loved films but also by the director of one of the films we wrote of; Starship Troopers. Rather than take a general approach of simply my thoughts, point of view and reflection; I chose to instill some of my university studies and skills into it, thus what followed was a deep psychological analyzation of the film's core, the directors approach and of human behavior because being a Web Dev/IA coder it's all about the process behind the information.

For your viewing pleasure: Systematic behavioral adjustment in cinema though violent desensitization.

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