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Macy’s changing room

Earlier this week had messed me over on some orders I made over a month ago for my girlfriend’s valentines day present. Thus later in the week we braved the east coast blizzard together for some pre-valentines day shopping so that I could make things right; not that she ever minded one way or another.

It was about 7pm when we arrived at the Macys in center city Philadelphia. We knew what we wanted and proceeded directly to the 4th floor female sleepwear department to pick out some two dozen robes for her to try on. Once both our arms where full, we walked to the female changing room, having her go in first to be sure she was the only one within. While helping hanging up her items to try on, I notice the below image that leaves to question; who was the brilliant one to come up with such a faulty design?

I hope it is apparently obvious how flawed the room’s design is. In a city with probably hundreds of closet-perverts and horny university students, how could Macy’s be so blind to leaving a 2 foot gap at the bottom of each changing room? I wouldn’t be surprised if someone in the past had misappropriated the affordance this offers anyone with a camera-phone. Luckily she and I are quite liberal so such things are of no immediate concern, but I can absolutely see this being detrimental to the conservative type.

Obligatory photo of the robe she chose. I think the colors and pattern go quite well with her Chinese heritage, and she liked the how it reminded her of Japanese kimonos.

Brenden Moore