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Why I Quit Wordpress

This has been a long time coming and I knew one day, I’d want to be rid of Wordpress for good. And that day has come, thank goodness I can keep my sanity now. But why the hate you ask? It’s lightweight, open-source, extremely flexible and you where even in the original beta group (so so many years ago when Dinosaurs roamed this earth). - My top 6 opinionated reasons below:

1. You need to babysit it.

Each time WordPress deploys the next big update or sometimes even the minor hot-fixes, their is a very high chance it’ll break your theme. And in most cases this means spending hours, days or even weeks debugging the theme to make it function as it once did. The number of themes I’ve gone thru in my lifetime I couldn't put a number to. Of course you could simply not update but good luck with that.

2. It’s admin interface is still counterproductive.

In the entire time of Wordpress existing, the admin UI has undergone maybe 3 updates, none of that are major (helpful) by any-means; they just change the font size, color, location; but it still all functions the same. Some like this as they don’t need to relearn it. I happen to hate it because the first UI was trash, so why keep it just so others won’t need to relearn it e.g. Crags-list. If it's not broken, don't fix it. But if its broken to begin with, has a steep learning curve, remains too technical, isn't very intuitive to your demographics cognitive mindset; then change it. Please.

3. Works great for blogging, not much for all else.

I have developed WordPress to function for clients as marketplaces, video sites, online magazines (not to be confused with blogs) music sites, databases, gaming clans, portfolios and even porn sites. And let me tell you, the moment you break from its original design (blogging) it becomes such a cluster-fuck that you’d save time by simply jumping to something more modular like Joomla or Drupal. I know of famous sites built with WordPress, but I’d bet they could have saved much more time by jumping ships before hacking up WordPress beyond its original intent.

4. The media manager is still no better than basic up-loaders of 2000.

Its 2014 and yet the WordPress media manager still performs like the unloaders of 2000. The UI to look thru your photos is a horrible user experience that could have easily been changed with newer programming codes to date. Just look at Dropbox's end-user's online backend. Any developers I have worked with or for, always make a custom folder, toss all the images in their and then direct link to them.

5. Your almost always forced to use Dreamweaver, Coda2, Sublime-Text2, etc to post.

The WYSIWYG is horrible for WordPress. I can’t emphasize that enough. I hated working in it and would always need to fire-up a coder app to build out the content and copy/pasta my posts into it while direct linking to any images. Why can’t they take a hint from SquareSpace and make it more fun to post.

6. Ain't nobody got time for that.

If your a full time anything, besides a full time developer hired to help upkeep your companies WordPress website, you likely have no time to be hassled by numbers 1 - 5.