En'lightened Vest

In a city of 2 million and a population of 60,000 students packed into the space of a quarter of a mile, this presents a problem when membership of yoga students is rapidly rising in a busy city, especially at night.

The goal of the En'lightened Vest is to replace sports bras and dark skin tight clothing with a comfortable vest that works in most weather conditions. It's back has differing Indian patterns that vividly glow. Lines use EL Wires while backgrounds use cut EL Panels. Processor, converter and power are hidden within vest. Zipper is replaced with Switch LED Ring to denote vest is on and added frontal visibility.

All would be laser cut and auto machine fabric sewn with the exception of adding EL Wire and internal electronics. Wide selection of patterns and colors for purchase.

Rugged Metal On/Off Switch with White LED Ring - 16mm White On/Off

indian pattern

Primary cut design

EL Wire - Purple 3m (Chasing)

12V EL wire/tape inverter

SparkFun EL Sequencer

EL Panel