FACE The Mag Website

Project Background:
In mid 2012 I was hired by a Washington D.C. metropolitan fashion magazine owner to rebrand her website as well bring much needed features that where missing from the site, such as community input. The prior website was built on WordPress and lacked the ability to quickly deploy many of the ideas generated in our weekly meetings so the decision was made to scrap the site and rebuild it with in Joomla 1.7+. 

Most Notable Changes: 

  • The first noticeable addition was an automated four step system that managed moving posts from editors-choice to highest rated and so-fourth.
  • The second major addition was what was called "the four parts of F.A.C.E." These stood for  Fashion, Arts, Culture, Entertainment. Using the first system, the site would showcase these 4 parts at the top of the website, later aggregating into different parts of the website based on an algorithm I developed.
  • The last major addition was a paywall for select parts of the website with the ability to manage your account that included a print copy of the magazine.

Shown here is the final version after 3 months of concept, design and development. On a side-note; if you compare the hex-code of many of the sites colors it'll match with the K-Pop music video So Cool by Sistar. This was perhaps my biggest inspiration for the website in terms of style, layout and of course; color.