LastPass Revised

LastPass Revised





  1. demographic assumptions

  2. hypothesis, ux audit,

    Heuristic evaluation

  3. invision freehand mind mapping ideas

  4. sketches

  5. wireframes

  6. mid-fi mockups

  7. symbols, typography, design system

  8. invision prototype

  • Identifying 2 UX pain points of LastPass.

  • Mind mapped solutions and sketched ideas.

  • Wire-framed an alternative design as to how I would improve identified user pain points.

  • Provided a medium-fidelity prototype in Invision Prototype of an alternative design.

  • Included Design System.

  • All resources within.


demographic assumptions

  • User is experienced with the Google ecosystem however has been hacked in the past and feels using a password manager would provide a more secure experience. As for tech savviness, assume mid 30-40s of age, owns a smartphone, basic tasks, nothing too tech intense.

hypothesis, ux audit, Heuristic evaluation

After looking at LastPass, I found 2 key areas I felt could use a revised UX and improved UI.

The first being the absence of ability to control, edit, personalize your profile/account within the app it self. Attempting to do any type of edit beyond a backup email kicks you out and onto the LastPass website, giving a huge disconnect. Additionally, it has little to no up-selling within the app.

The second is a combination of how many steps it takes to upload photos/data and view them. Too much time is wasted micromanaging it when it should be able to auto-detect and adjust as needed.


invision freehand mind mapping ideas





Loose files/Wireframes.pdf




symbols, typography, design system

See sketch file/design system page

See sketch file/symbols page


invision prototype