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Philly Pack Walk

Philly Pack Walk was designed in partnership with University of the Arts graduate Xander Karkruff, MFA 14' for the Masters of Industrial Design department.

Philly PackWalk's service design is to assist dog owner’s have their pet[s] walked when they are unable too because of work or other busy reasons. This is facilitated by:

1. You signup for the service, free of charge
2. Your matched with like minded individual[s] based on an intelligent algorithm using psychological granularities, that are able to walk your dog[s] when you are unable too.
3. You befriend these user[s] and agree to walk their pet[s] when you are able too, quid pro quo.
4. Additional groups of user[s] “packs” can be joined to distribute everyones available times and lessen the time impact.
5. For added piece of mind, PPW would let users pay a nominal annual fee to have a check run on them and receive a "Bark of Approval" added to their profile and an option during user's searches. Naturally the best way to check someone is to simply meet them, but this could facilitate added reassurance.

PPW's front-end uses a combination of Human to Computer Interaction (HCI) and cognitive science techniques to help bring about better system fluidity. This is done by reducing the user's epistemic actions by lessening their pragmatic actions via affordance constrictions to the website. All told this helps to reduce the cognitive load and bring about a better user experience. 

you scratch my back, i'll scratch yours

Philly Pack Walk (PPW) was a co-developed service design platform/social network for like minded pet owners to befriend individuals within Philadelphia to help walk ones dogs. The premise being many hard working Philadelphians work long hours and unfortunately are not able to walk their pets as often as they should or would like too. However there is a likely chance the time you work someone else may have off and vise versa, thus the idea of a share alike pet walking idea came about.


The screen to choose when you walk you dog was done in a reductionist approach to reduce feedback noise and excessive options often seen with online calendars. The example shown was coded entirely in HTML5 and some lines of JS, the video is showing in real-time how the code/actions work.


Reduction of assumptions

The bio was developed to be a reduction of needless choices and assumptions e.g. what would you like to be called vs assuming ones pronoun and the ability to share the dog’s personality without assuming X-breed is always Y-personality.