Smell only interface concept: Refrigerators

This project was developed for an undergraduate HCI (Human to Computer Interaction) class with the constriction that if you only had the sense of smell, how would you give a user the ability to interact with a system? I chose to bring assentive needs to something we all take for Granted, the refrigerator and its help to postpone spoilage.

For my solution I devised a system that would identify said food by [shape + size + weight + color & bar code] (if applicable) using a small camera mounted within the refrigerator at the top in addition to a small smell generator. Once identified, the food would individually be [tagged by it's food type + time of entry] (into refrigerator) and would be stored in an array to lessen cognitive load. When the user next goes to reach for said good, the tagged food compares to the array and emits a good or bad small, dependent on if the user can eat the food or not. - It is worth pointing out many foods will not emit a bad smell if it is spoiled or so faint, one may not smell it. Thus one cannot always "smell check" food.

User Scenario:

1. User places food within refrigerators.

2. Camera starts to track food within at timed intervals, if the object is no longer in view, it can be considered eaten.

Camera is pre-programmed to know what food 'shapes' equal what 'foods'. Thus:

If {
3.  ( X shape = X food; X food & Allotted time for spoilage; Smell generators = = Bad smell)

Else {
4. ( X shape = X food; X food & Allotted time for spoilage; Smell generators = = Good smell)