Traditional Electronic Shower System Application

T.E.S.S.A., short for Traditional Electronic Shower System Application (shower uses female voice, thus female name) is designed is to help assist, personalize, speed-up and automate the traditional asian ‘bathhouse’ experience; that is rapidly becoming lost due to modernization within asian countries as well differing ideologies. Culturally speaking, one would visit weekly with family not only for bathing needs but also for the “experience” of being washed with personal attention given. An attentive traditional spanning years of routine. While mechanical in nature, I felt it is better to have a simulated experience, then none at all.

My research into this cultural deteriorating phenomenon took the forum of both US and UK news articles, Chinese and Hong Kong translated (correctly) articles and first person interviews with Chinese nationals that attend my University or I knew outside of school. Each article would be subsequently fact checked to insure no bias. During this time I learnt of many stigmas Chinese nationals share within their territories of bathhouse's as well modern ideologies; one such is the large standing fear of disease and infection they worry of contracting.

Upon the user entering the bathhouse’s open shower or private room, T.E.S.S.A. would greet the user and start a preliminary setup for the user based on language, hight, shape, posture, sex, age and spacial needs (massage style, soap option, scented additives, etc). Much of this would be gathered automatically by use of laser range-finders (to preserve privacy any type of camera would remove), imbedded weight scale, voice depth detection (emotional status) and so fourth. All of this would be hand-free to further instill the protection from disease and infection many worry of.

User Scenario:

An interactive prototype of T.E.S.S.A. was developed to present as my final project for an undergraduate HCI (Human Computer Interaction) class with the aid of Unity3D & UnityScript. All of this can be forked from my GitHub account for individual testing.