The Infinity Dress

Imagine if a dress existed that could become an infinite number of patterns, colors, shapes and motion graphics; instantly. 

Imagination has finally became a reality.

A per Crystal Shell basis can be sold with client options to print shape in gold or silver colored metal for added fee. Fabric or open construct free.

Charging of Shell can be done via Micro USB however it is highly recommended charging be done via inductive charger.

What it is:

An infinitely interchangeable (eternal integration) programmable devices for clothing used in dance/music performance groups to gain an edge in an already overstated market of those in South Korea. Secondary market includes high-end fashion desires for something extremely unique and not off-shelf.

When multiplied, these wearables give the ability to transform a piece of clothing into any color, any pattern, any motion graphic and varied shapes.


How it operates:

The shells as they are called are non traditional geometric shapes 3D printed light-weight attachable wearables via snaps unto ones clothing. The bottom is made of ninja-flex to conform to the users body and movement. 4 micro screws hold the base to the top. And finally a special textile is used to diffuse lighting.

Encased within the shell is a micro-processor, 6-axis motion detection, bluetooth LE, LiPo battery, 3 multi colored LEDs & an inductive charger.

The 6-axis allows the wearier to program the dress to change color based on body orientation as one would do in ballet for example.